1. True Detective tribute

    Because it’s incredible, and because Woody and Matthew are incredible..

    PS CS6 / Wacom intuos4 / +-1hour

  2. Twist

    Brushpen and dip pen.

  3. Moleskin DPS - Subtlety

    Drew a little while hanging out in a coffee shop, fulfilling the cliche.


  4. Moleskin DPS - Nomad’s Land 01

    Sketches for a new world.


  5. One-off Postcards (A6)

    Top: Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks (looks way too much like me here. Not enough like who it actually is, damnit!)
    Jean Luc Godard
    Imagined lips

    Brush pen on watercolour paper postcards.

    4” x 5”3/4

  6. Cafe Musette window

    A few shots of what I did one afternoon at my friends’ cafe, Cafe Musette in Highbury and Islington, London.

    Done with white paint-marker. 

  7. Little Postcards

    I’ve been spending my Sunday afternoons at Cafe Musette, a super cosy cafe inside of an antique shop, called Little Paris in Highbury and Islington. It’s run by two French freinds of mine and I’ve been illustrating people in white paint-marker on their window (I’ll post photos of that soon) and doing postcards while people pass by.

    The original, once-off postcards are going to available for purchase at the cafe and online per request. 

    These are done with brush pen on watercolour paper postcards.
    4” x 5”3/4

  8. Future 
    (is this the future?) 

    Ridiculous title.

    My mate Scott, back home in Durban, South Africa, was hosting a T-shirt design comp, so I hit it up. This is what I designed…

    I kinda want to get some more colour in there. 


  9. I’ve got a shop on Society6

    Prints for days! Including:



    Bound in Detailimage

  10. Dys-Wik

    A stop-motion film documenting the opening evening of my first solo exhibition in London, and anywhere for that matter.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and supported it and made it the great night that it was!

  11. Herself 


    Working on the lines and constantly shading and re-shading parts of the piece. Adding some patterns and motifs.

  12. Drawing tonight…

    It’s been a while. So much exhibition crap going on; film to edit, intro sequences to create, prints to organise etc etfuckingcetera. Gawddamn, I need to draw me some chilled out erotica.